Smart Teller Machine Interface redesign for ABC
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Digital business processing channels have gradually replaced manual windows and become the main processing channels of the Agricultural Bank of China(ABC). However, digital management methods have caused problems for those (aged) users who do not use digital products. The project optimizes the service process in the bank branch by redesigning the smart counter interface in the bank branch, and improves the handling efficiency of the bank branch while improving the experience of the elderly users.


With the full digitalization of the banking industry, mobile banking, online banking, and smart counters have become the main channels for business transactions. In 2018, the transaction volume of China's banking industry through digital channels was as high as 1,947,080,000,000 ¥. Among them, the business volume of smart counters accounted for 69% of the total.
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Under the wave of digitization, banks have reduced the scale of branches and staffing, replacing traditional manual windows with smart counters. However, because the elderly people are not familiar with the operation, they often need the assistance of staff or at the counter. This not only brings a bad experience to users, but also increases the burden on branch employees, which goes against the original intention of the bank's digital transformation.

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What problems do the elderly have when using smart counters?

We first conducted expert interviews to learn about the current problems of the elderly in using smart counters. In the interview, Manager Yu mentioned: The advantage of manual service is that it can bring psychological trust to the elderly. In the subsequent user interviews, the two elderly people mentioned the fear of loss, the fear of operational errors, and the complexity of the information structure, which indirectly proved Manager Yu's point of view.
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We also visited a service outlet in Hongshan District, Wuhan. In the field observation, we also found other problems:
    1. Many smart counter interfaces
    2. The smart counter interface has complicated functions and it is difficult to find the target business
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At the end of the survey, we defined users as those over 60 years old, who have experience using electronic products, and live in cities and towns. They may have visual, auditory, gesture control, comprehension, attention and psychological barriers. Of course, the persona we made only shows typical people, and the design is also suitable for other non-age groups, but also people with related obstacles.

We show the process of elderly users' business in the bank through the user journey diagram, and finally generate the following four requirements.
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Based on the above four requirements, we conduct brainstorming and concept generation. Solution A is to redesign the entire smart counter. But considering the cost of the entire product update, we ultimately still choose the optimization of the interface.

In the interactive design of the interface, bank manager pre-selection is an important innovation point. Through previous observations, we found that when users enter the bank, they first consult the bank manager. Therefore, during the consultation process, the bank manager can transfer the business that the user needs to handle to the back office. After the user goes to the smart counter for identity verification, the system can automatically retrieve business information from the background, omitting the process of searching and selecting. 

Other innovations include:
1. Homepage design
2. Face recognition
3. Smart recommendation
4. Guided Access
5. Step diagram
6. Card UI
7. Risk-based information classification

We visualize the above innovations, and conduct contrast tests and user tests.

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