Interactive Faucet
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Manta is an interactive faucet. It integrates beauty and function, brings people a better cleaning experience and helps people develop healthy living habits. Manta uses gesture control to help people reduce secondary pollution during hand washing and guides people to develop healthier cleaning habits through LED screens and Samsung's IoT system. In addition, the combination of light and water curtain brings a visual feast, making the process of washing hands more interesting.
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Manta's design originated from the topic of the 2018 IF Awards-how to help people develop healthy habits through electronic devices Sponsored by SAMSUNG . We focus on the issue of hand washing, and through the design of the interaction process between the user and the faucet, we enhance the experience of the cleaning process and help users develop healthy absorption habits. According to relevant data, on average, there are more than 400,000 bacteria on each person's hands, and more than 80% of diseases are spread through hands.
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Problem & Research:

We use experience and empathy maps to discover the pain points in the hand washing process: inappropriate water temperature, inappropriate hand washing methods, and secondary pollution when turning off the faucet
At the same time, we have also collected some relevant information: the six-step hand-washing method and the appropriate hand washing water temperature
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Brand Research

Because it is a corporate proposition, we also conduct research on Samsung's brand and product ecology, and summarize Samsung's design language.
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Exterior Design
Inspiring from the marine creature Manta, we designed an elegant and flexible faucet shape. The fading curved surface and brushed stainless steel make the product blend into Samsung's design language.
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Manta defaults to an initial water temperature of 25 degrees and supports gesture recognition. Users can complete the entire cleaning process without touching the faucet. The built-in LED panel can display scientific hand washing steps and guide users to master the correct washing method.
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Connect with Smart Home

Manta can also connect with Samsung smart home to generate reminders through the Internet of Things system to strengthen habit formation. Users can also learn about related records and usage through the mobile app.

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Ambilight Fall:

Not just innovation in function and shape, we also hope that Manta can become a work of art in the home. Inspired by a musical fountain, we built a LED water outlet to create an ambilight fall.

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