Flybird Lamp
Product Design


The Flybird Lamp is a conceptual lighting design based on the dynamics of Birds, and it is also one of my main explorations of product aesthetics. I hope to refine the product form with a sense of vitality through biological dynamics. I take the bird's posture as inspiration, and use the curved and staggered translucent lampshade to reflect the bird's dynamic and lightness.

Flybird lamp also represents my exploration of my own design style. I hope to find a more modern and positive design style than traditional wabisabi aesthetics.

Flybird lamp has been designed in two editions. The first edition was  developed in soft theme, which was completed in 2017 Product Form and Semantics Course (HUST). The second edition was developed in the direction of hard theme and was completed in the 2018 Product Design Course (NTUST).

庞睿 U201610950 P1
庞睿u201610950 P2