"Design is a strategy"
Providing design strategy for enterprises who want to make innovation and helping them to have a better understanding of their customer’s needs and explore possible solutions in design. As a transdisciplinary designer, I use various methodologies that help my client to make differentiation strategies and explore new markets.
Pang Rui  (Clement)

Transdiscipline Designer
UX/Service/Industrial Design

University of Cincinnati (Expected April 2022)
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Master of Design 

Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2016-2020)
School of Mechanical Science and Engineering
Product Design, GPA: 3.87/4.0

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (2018.02-2018.07)
Exchange Program
College of Design, Product Design
I am a transdisciplinary designer. Products, Interfaces, Service touch points are all my tools that help me deliver the powerful experience to my customer. I believe we are in a transboundary era and opportunities always come from the relevant disciplines. As a result, Marketing, psychology, culture context, institution and technology are all taken into account. I adopt methodologies from various subjects in order to set up a well-rounded perspective to refine my design.
Story of Me
When I was a child, my dream was to be a vehicle designer. I believe that every car has its own soul and characteristics, just like human beings, and designers give them these.
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Software Skills

In 2016, I entered Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST) and got in touch with design. As a product design major, I am committed to combining the aesthetics and functions of (physical) products. During this time, I joined The Feast Industrial Design Studio(also called XiongChuMo Studio) and won the IF Talented Award through the Manta project in 2018.
Also in 2018, I went to National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(NTUST) as an exchange student, and got in touch with service design and UX design. Since then, relationships have become the focus of my research and design. I started to look at the problem from a broader perspective, including technology, economy, culture, and business. I define design as a strategic activity
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Service Design

After returning to HUST, I began to practice my thinking in the project, shifting the focus from specific contact design to the entire service process or problem solving design.
I started to build my own design method and design model for my senior year graduation project.  I tried to adapt my design to company ecology and strategy.
Now, I am taking my master degree in University of Cincinnati. My research direction focuses more on design problem inquiry and possibility prediction. Trend analysis, qualitative research, research through design are what I am working on currently.I would like to use my knowledge to create extreme product experiences and promote the development of the world by design.