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Manta is an interactive faucet. It integrates beauty and function, brings people a better cleaning experience and helps people develop healthy living habits. Manta uses gesture control to help people reduce secondary pollution during hand washing and guides people to develop healthier cleaning habits through LED screens and Samsung's IoT system. In addition, the combination of light and water curtain brings a visual feast, making the process of washing hands more interesting.


Manta's design originated from the topic of the 2018 IF Awards-how to help people develop healthy habits through electronic devices Sponsored by SAMSUNG . We focus on the issue of hand washing, and through the design of the interaction process between the user and the faucet, we enhance the experience of the cleaning process and help users develop healthy absorption habits. According to relevant data, on average, there are more than 400,000 bacteria on each person's hands, and more than 80% of diseases are spread through hands.
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